flax & loom

Linen Aftercare

Lightweight. Breathable. Textured. 

We Love Linen. 

A resilient and natural fabric spun from the fibres of flax plant. The long and thicker fibres means this fabric is durable, able to hold its shape and avoids pilling. The beautiful distinct texture is created from the thickness of the flax fibres. The airy, light & breathable weave, means that this fabric is will bring you comfort and is always quick to dry. 

Care For Your Linen. 

Linen doesn’t need washing every time you wear. We recommend hanging between wears to ventilate.  

Machine wash with a low spin at 30°C. 

High temperatures will weaken the fibres and affect dyes. When hand washing, rinse with lukewarm water.

We recommend hanging your linen, tumble drying uses alot of energy and can shrink the fibres. 

Take care not to use thin wire hangers or clips that can leave impressions on your new piece. 

Linen is prone to creasing, we recommend hanging it in the bathroom whilst taking a hot shower. The steam can reduce creases.