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Aftercare For Denim

Hardwearing. Versatile. Reliable. 

We Love Denim. 

Denim is defined by its twill structure, which is incredibly durable. Denim are usually made from 100% cotton with additional fibre blends added to allow for stretch. Once the cotton is gathered, it is put into machines where it is detangled and spun into strong threads. These threads are then dipped several times into indigo dye. These indigo threads are then woven together either through selvage or warp and weft, followed by being sanforized (stretched, heated & shrunk). 

Care For Your Denim.

Like most fabrics, you shouldn’t wash it often as it makes the denim last longer. A few times per season will be more than enough. In between washes you can spot clean with a damp cloth.

Gentle machine wash at 30°C, wash inside out to reduce colour fade. 

Specialist denim detergents are available. 

Hang dry as tumble dryer can cause shrinkage. The weight of the denim will help to pull out any creases.

Avoid using an iron as heat can weaken the fibres.