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Flax & Loom X The Seam

20% Off All Repairs & Alterations with code: Flaxandloom20

Help us build a culture of care, where clothes fit well, bring joy and last a lifetime. When you extend the life of something in your wardrobe by just nine months, its carbon, waste and water footprints are reduced by up to 30% each.Through the high quality construction and attention to detail, we are confident our collections will stand the test of time, but as with all clothing a stitch may need to be strengthened or a seam repaired at some point in your garments life. 

We’ve partnered with the seam to offer you 20% discount on all repair services. The Seam connects you with local, specialist Makers to alter, repair and transform your Flax & Loom pieces.

flax and loom x the seam

How It Works

If any of your Flax & Loom garments show signs of wear and tear over time, get them repaired and looking new again with the help of local, specialist Makers.The Seam offer fit adjustments and alterations to tailor your garment perfectly to your body. Just visit The Seam to begin your project.

You'll be connected with a specialist near you, and you can choose between an at-home fitting where the Maker comes to you, or to visit them at their local studio. Use the code FLAXANDLOOM20 to save 20% off. Any questions about your alterations or repair? Contact The Seam directly >

Alterations (Available in Greater London)

•Hemming & length alterations • Waistband adjustments and fit tapering • Strap & sleeve adjustments • Repairs & Restoration (Available in UK-wide) • Seam & hole repairs • Darning & invisible mending • Zipper & fastening replacements