Our mission

We make incredible jeans, from the best materials, using kindest methods.

Flax & loom

How We Started

If you were to look into the world's wardrobe the one thing we must all have in common is our staple, denim jeans. It's underplayed how essential this piece of kit is in our everyday lives. The perfect jean moulds to your shape, has rhythm and evolves with you, as if they were a living thing. Whilst jeans started as a rugged, hardwearing pant it now takes all different shapes and sizes – fashion evolves and so do we.

I’ve spent the last 40 years working in denim and have seen how very dark the denim industry can be. The environment has always been a core part of me. I currently live on a bus in a nature reserve and can see every day the impact that what we do has on the planet. Flax & Loom is here to bring much-needed change.

We’re raising the bar. Not just for ourselves, but for the wider denim industry. Sustainably made. Transeasonal. Inclusive.

-Phil Wildbore, Founder

Flax and loom

Our Vision

The main ethos behind the design is quality. The fabrics are chosen for their durability, their texture and handle. Every organic ingredient, the linen, the hemp, the cotton has been harvested within the locality of the weavers. Every part of each piece of clothing is stitched and washed in an eco-formula and finished at Flax & Loom partners in a family run, bespoke clothing factory where people are paid a fair wage. Until its final dispatch from the factory, the whole cycle is dedicated to producing the lowest carbon footprint possible.

Radical transparency

There are no short cuts to long lasting quality and no greater priority than creating our products sustainably and considerately.